Aluminum Pen

Machined and assembled by hand.
Limited edition. Order yours today.


Aluminum Pen1

Machined by hand from 3/8″ diameter solid 6061-T6 aluminum rod.

Screw cap in to expose the pen tip, unscrew cap to retract the pen tip back into the pen barrel.


Includes free domestic USPS shipping.
International shipping (1-3 pens): $14.00
Designed to be used with a Parker gel rollerball refill. (included)

Reviews From Those in the Know


“The workmanship on the pen is excellent, considering that Robert hand machines and finishes each of them. The pen is high quality, but does have some subtle, human-made elements that, to me, increases my appreciation for it. A person hand made and shipped this product to me which adds to its story. Every time I use it I can connect it back to this.” Read more >


“The mechanism on this pen is one of those where I think, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ It’s so simple, yet works so well and is really, really well implemented.” Read more >

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“Good design makes a product useful.” —Dieter Rams